Garganta la Olla Historical Site

Architectural and natural heritage

The municipality of Garganta la Olla is in the county of La Vera.

Located very close to the Sierra de Tormantos mountains, a spur of the Sierra de Gredos mountains, it stands out for the ravines that give it its name.

In 1978 it was agreed for Garganta la Olla to be declared a Historical-Artistic Site due to the good conservation status of its traditional half-timber architecture and its stately homes.

Other representative buildings include the House of Silk, the occasional residence of the Dukes of Alba, and the House of Silk Procurement, which produced beautiful thread to create fabrics for the Court.

The House of the Dolls stands out for its blue façade and the dolls carved into the left side of the jamb and on the lock. The colour was chosen during the period of the Emperor Charles V to give away the house’s use as a brothel, the usual destination for the retinue that accompanied the king on his journeys and stays in Cáceres.

The porticoed Council Building in the Plaza Mayor square, where the pillory is, is where lawbreakers were presented in public.

The landscape surrounding Garganta la Olla is perfect for taking a stroll around its beautiful roads and natural environment. Visitors must be sure to visit the La Huerta neighbourhood and see the Post House, used as lodging for travellers.

Walking through Garganta la Olla, you can also find religious buildings worth visiting, such as the 16th-century Church of San Lorenzo, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in the Monument category. One of its greatest treasures is the Baroque-style organ. The hermitage of El Santísimo Cristo del Humilladero dates from the 16th century, and its most representative element is the altar with Talavera tiles.


Cuacos de Yuste


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