Acehúche cheese

Our goat’s cheese

If goat’s cheese is your weakness and you’re passionate about strong, overwhelming cheeses, you need to know about Acehúche cheese, an award-winning product from the province of Cáceres that is obtained from raw milk from Retinta, Verata and Serrana goats and animal rennet. 

The result is a semi-hard, full-fat cheese with a compact texture and white colour, a slightly spicy taste, reaching maturity after two months. 

It comes in small pieces that are usually less than one kilo, after being produced and pressed in chestnut or tin moulds.

Its recipe is not new, as this is a cheese that has been being made for a very long time, coming from old herds from the grazing areas, although it is only now that it is getting the recognition it deserves, due to its artisanal production and for knowing how to maintain its essence over the passage of time, always working with the best raw material. 

Since 2004, the municipality of Acehúche has celebrated the Iberian Goat’s Cheese Festival, coinciding with Palm Sunday weekend. This event has become a benchmark based on the good work of the cheesemakers and goatherds, turning this product into a driver of development for the area.

Acehúche cheese is made in five local cheese factories and has won several awards in recent years, including for the best cheese in Spain 2015 and among the 14 best in the world at the World Cheese Awards, where 3,000 cheeses from 35 countries take part. 

The festival also features parallel activities to delight visitors, such as guided tours of local cheese factories, active cheesemaking workshops and guided tastings, as well as the award ceremony for the Iberian Goat’s Cheese and Recipe Competition.

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